On 26 March 2020 the Government released the Government Gazette No # 43164. The Government Gazette instructs all internet sites that is operating in the .zaDNA top level domain name to have a landing page with a visible link to the COVID-19 website. Geek’em took the initiative with this instruction and added a pop-up with the information to their clients websites.

Note: The popup will appear every time when clients visit the website. The popup, when closed, will not appear again for the duration of the session.

During this lock down period Geek’em will continue to operate, there is no better time than now to give your website a fresh new look or to expand your online presence. Be responsible and use vBizz-Card to share your contact details with clients as your vBizz-Card cannot spread the COVID-19 virus.

Take care and BE SAFE!
Geek’em Team
#COVID-19 #lockdown #stayathome

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